Thursday’s ride took us out to Tring on a bright early morning for a short but sweet training ride. As the photos will show, we had plenty of sun for us to enjoy. On our way to Tring we passed through many lovely, small villages such as Marsworth and Pitstone at an easy and steady pace until we reached Ivinghoe beacon, a challenging climb for anyone due to the distance (2.5 miles) but the gradient of the climb itself is nothing to be afraid of at around 4%. With Ruben (white jersey) going off the front I decided to test myself on an unfamiliar climb and follow his wheel as closely as I could. At the top of the beacon we waited so we were all back together and could get a short recovery as well as taking in the view from the beacon, where you could see houses and buildings in the very far distance, which added to the bright blue skies made a very scenic view.

What should have been a short descent was prolonged due to a puncture which took a few minutes to sort, and then we were back on our way to Tring. Once we were in Tring the first cafe we stopped at was full, obviously everyone else had a similar idea, probably due to the weather. So we tried another cafe just down the road, The Cog Cafe which was a small and relatively hidden away cafe however, there was plenty of room outside this time to sit down, enjoy the coffee and have a good chat in the sun. After an hour we made our way back into Aylesbury moving at quite a pace to finish off what was a thoroughly enjoyable ride having been able to enjoy the good company and weather.


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